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Here you will find the most intriguing websites with casino games from the web. We provide you honest and objective recommendations based on lots of hours in testing each of the casinos.

These are the basic criteria that are included in our online casino reviews:

Games in the casino

Of course, in the core of each of reviews we find the games. We strictly check out the types of the games that are available and we make correct stats about their number in each category – slots, Blackjack, video poker or whatever a certain bookmaker offers. We also give you data regarding the origin of these games (the developers that have launched them), as well as extra useful information that we can excerpt from our personal experience.

Time and efforts till the first played game

Every legal gambling website includes two obligatory steps that take you apart from your first placed bet. These are the registration and the deposit steps. We offer you full instructions how to register, but in most cases the registration process has no surprises or strange things required from you to do, which is why opening an account is usually easy. The aspect with the deposits, though, is more delicate. The deposits in general should be both: fast and simple to be made, but meanwhile they are supposed to be processed through convenient payment methods according to the punters’ needs. In other words, the casino lovers expect in almost all the cases the deposit amount to appear in the account balance and with no fees. The technologies are fast enough, so generally the transactions are processed in a couple of seconds.

New customer bonus

The new customer bonus is a function that matters a lot to the online casinos. Although this is not the best approach ever, many punters decide where to invest their money by taking under considerations the welcome bonuses the bookmakers provide. This is why it’s our duty to give you such information, too.

Mobile version with available casino games

The casino mobile app is a standard add-on to all gambling websites these days. Everywhere you can place mobile bets, but there are big differences in the quality of this experience. It’s well-known that today it’s not technologically difficult to play complicated and detailed online casino games through smartphones, so it’s very rare to find a mobile app with missing games that are, though, available in the desktop platform.

It’s a very important topic, though, to discuss whether a certain betting company has a mobile version + native app or just a mobi website.

How does the market with casino games in Zambia look like?

The market with casino games in Zambia can be depicted as a mixture of African and European gambling operators.
As you will soon figure it out – after reading our reviews – the companies from African continent are currently left behind by their European colleagues.

It’s not by chance that 1xBet and Betway have been strengthening their positions as the most successful online casino rooms in Zambia.

3 significant questions and answers about the online casino games

What’s so special about the live dealer casino games?

Many providers have been already developing realistic casino rooms from where videos are directly streamed in real time for the punters and through the websites that are owned by the bookmakers’ casino providers. The clients insist on having such a service at their disposal and it’s not by chance.

The live dealer casino games represent an authentic realistic atmosphere, because the players’ cards are dealt out by real croupiers. In addition to these, it’s not a coincidence that most of the croupiers are beautiful young ladies.

If you have never tried the live casino game experience, we strongly recommend you to soon correct this mistake.

Which are the hottest trends in the online casino games?

The conjuncture of the online casino market has changed dramatically during the last couple of years. Besides the entrance of the live dealer casino games, the industry has been harshly and obviously working on the task to improve its casino bonuses, as well as to make them more intriguing.

The tendencies these days demand on more games with jackpots and a higher variety, which is why completely new video casino games have been in progress.

Why in almost every Zambian casino with real money the slot games are dominating?

Although the online casino industry has been advancing by becoming more variable, in almost all of the cases we find a domination of the slot games. Many punters wonder why this is so.

First of all, the slot machines have a long tradition, coming from those old times before the invention of internet. The main benefit of the slot game is that it’s customer-friendly to the novices and every new customer on the market can start playing them right away without the necessity to learn something special.

Blackjack, Baccarat and video poker are games that require at least some basic knowledge.

Of course, the other reason is that it’s tough to think off a new Blackjack format, for instance, while to create a new slot game it takes only to create a new theme, add some new functions and go for small modifications.